Our products are developed by German engineers and we produce solely in Germany. Quality is our passion and will never be subject to compromise. The LEDs we use are extremely durable and will light up your rooms up to 14 years with constant use.

We offer a wide range of innovative products for any kind of situation and place. We open up walls, ceilings and floors in interior and exterior spaces.

Floor Lights

DerbeLight conquers the Floor for displaying art. Our Floor Lights are the perfect hardware for high-resolution aerial photography and composed images, with a high level of detail and astonishing image quality. The images are changeable upon request and tiles can be equipped with DuraTrans material or glass.

  • Non-slippery and scratch-resistant.
  • With a profile depth of 28mm, DerbeLights Floor Lights are conveniently thin and prints are easily exchangeable.
  • The maximum size capacity is 3 x 2 m as a single unit. Larger floorings are created by multiple large-scale Floor Light tiles
  • Tunable White makes DerbeLights Floor Lights even more brilliant. It is possible to fine tune special mood lightings in color and light intensity.
  • Current applications: Galleries, entrance areas, dance floors, hallways, gyms, spas, pools, showers, etc., indoors and outdoors

Wall Lights

Fine Art Duratrans® Panel

DerbeLights Illuminated Art Panels guarantee the highest resolution and UV-Resistance possible. The combination of Duratrans prints, with a specialized glass or acrylic finish, is designed to feature large-scale, high-resolution photography and result in stunning, immersive visual experiences.

  • Illuminated Art Panels can be crafted with a depth profile as slim as 18mm to 21mm.
  • The maximum size for an Illuminated Art Panel, with an acrylic or glass finish is 3mtrs x 1,25mtrs. A further direct-acrylic/glass printing solution increases the maximum size capacity to 3mtrs x 2mtrs.
  • Tunable white makes the panels even more brilliant as one can adjust special mood lightings.

Ceiling Lights

Light Cupolas

Our Light Cupolas are an unique ceiling element and are a perfect addition for your interior design concept. They offer noise cancelling ability, which makes it handy for big rooms, like in restaurants or offices. The frame can be hidden in the hollow ceiling and integrated flawlessly.

Our built-in option for tunable white facilitates the perfect colour temperature for any image, including the option of steady light colour. Each of our illuminated art frames is designed with intelligent-response, tunable luminance and compatibility with any automation system.
DerbeLight specialized print material has a maximum span of 5mtrs for either the W or H, and an unlimited span for the corresponding W or H. With our unique plug-&-fit image prints, our illuminated art prints are easily changeable to suit the aesthetic of your mood and choice.