We offer design consultancy to suit your individual project.

Design Concept I Integration

We bring exceptional places from all around the world into your own rooms. Like a window straight to nature’s beauties, breathtaking architecture or fine abstract art.

DerbeLights products enlarge rooms optically. This effect especially comes to count in any rooms that lack natural sources of light, e.g. yacht interiors or spa areas. Another great feature of our products are sound-absorbing.

We work closely with you and your Interior Designer to guarantee our Illuminated Art is perfectly integrated into your design concept.

Colour Matching is an essential part of our editing process. As shown in this example of the Nikkei Nine Project.

Photographic Concept

If you can imagine it, we can shoot it!

We offer individual photo shoots all around the world. No matter what kind of photograph you have in mind, we can make it happen.

One of our photographers, Kevin McElvaney, was recently in Japan. Here is an impression of his week of shooting the right images for the Nikkei Nine Restaurant at the Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg.

We can create every kind of photographic composition. As an example have a look at the composition we did for the ladies room at the Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg.